Public Relations vs. Journalism


Public relations and journalism, I believe are meant to be together because they both work to inform the public in one way or another.  PR practitioners need Journalists because the media is the largest outlet to inform the public about their clients. With newsroom cuts and the increasing speed of technology, journalists have twice the workload and less time to research and in-depth reporting. Therefore, journalists turn to PR practitioners for story pitches, press releases, and quick answers to their questions.

I have learned that overall, the relationship between the two sides is becoming… more distant as technology replaces face-to-face meetings. Also, studies have shown the fact that fewer journalists are going into public relations–and the fact that fewer PR people are going into journalism. This has  helped widen the relationship gap.

However, I came  across other reasons on how public relations has differed from journalism.
  • PR is meant for a targeted audience, while Journalism is for mass audience.
  • PR is all about bringing good image to any company,firm, and corporation, while Journalism is all about facts and truths.
  • PR is a personal message to serve in the interest of client or a company, whilst journalism is in the interest of general public and its an impersonal message.

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Is public relations as glamorous as Samantha Jones makes you believe?


Task: To explain some myths and preconceptions of the field of public relations, and to explain why I believe they exist.

My example is Samantha Jones off of Sex and the City. I have grown up watching this tv show and have recently seen the newest movie. Samantha Jones makes public relations look like the best job in the world. She attends parties with the best of the best celebrities and is invited to movie premieres on a regular basis. But is this a real example of a public relations person or a misconception of it? For years as I watched this show I believed that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

However, PR is not as glamorous as Hollywood portrays it. Sex and the City gives you a “fake” version of this career. If you have ever heard the saying, “you can’t believe what you see on tv”, that portrays to this show. It tells you all the good things about the job, but not all the effort that is put into it.  Its not all about attending parties with the A listers. PR is not about throwing and attending lavish parties, it is about networking and putting on events. This profession involves hard work and dedication, long hours, and time management skills. After learing what the real life example of public relations is, I began to question if this is something I really saw myself doing? But  I had to tell myself that the best things in life aren’t free, you have to work for them.

So to answer the question, Sex and the City is a myth of what a public relations person does. Although, there are perks to this career, such as attending fancy parties with celebrities, but you don’t get there automatically. You have to work your way up the ladder. I have learned a lot by taking this intro to public relations class. I have learned what public relations really is, and like any job it takes patience and hard work!

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New to Blogging


Hello everyone!

This is my first time ever blogging in my entire life! I am really enjoying it so far, it is something new and exciting. I am learning a lot and trying to have fun with it! I feel like blogging is a good way to connect with your peers and hear what they have to say about things that interest them. Just from looking at some of my classmates blogs, I have learned so much about issues that I had no idea about earlier. Bare with me as I am learning the ropes to WordPress. Looking forward to a great year in PRCA 2330!