Shall I continue my blogging experience? I say YES!


Task: What have you enjoyed, or not, about your blogging experience this semester? Do you anticipate regularly updating your blog for non-class purposes after this semester? Why or why not?

Before this class I have never blogged before in my life. This was a brand new experience for me. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little nervous about blogging prior to this class, but ever since I have gotten started I have greatly enjoyed it. I love how you can write about anything you want with no limitations. At the beginning I didn’t think blogging was important, because who would care about what I have to say. Now I have people following my blog and have had several comments on my topics.

I now feel that blogging is an effective tool, especially being a PR major. I will continue to blog about issues and topics that are interesting to me, and hopefully one day it will be useful in my career.  Thank you Mrs. Andrews for getting me hooked on blogging, I am so thankful that through this class I have been introduced to such an exciting media tool. This will not be my last blog post, I will definitely continue to update my blog, and I hope that my followers will continue to comment.  My blogging experience in PRCA 2330 has been a good one, and not near as stressful as I had originally anticipated.

my blog:


About taylorjones

My name is Taylor Jones. I am 20 years old and I play tennis at Georgia Southern University. I am a junior and I have played this sport almost my entire life. I first picked up a racket when I was just three years old and I have been playing ever since. Tennis is my passion. I am very competitive and hard working, especially during a match. I will fight every single point, even if I am down 6-0, 5-0. I am a public relations major. Sports are my life, so I hoping that when I graduate, I will pursue a career dealing with sports.

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