Twitter… Is it a waste of time or a useful social media site?


When Twitter first came out, I was not quite sure what all the hype was about.  It looked confusing and was very difficult to comprehend.  A friend of mine got a twitter and I remember looking at her site thinking what was with all the # signs.  It frazzled my brain.  I thought it was people posting a bunch of random thoughts and was a  huge waste of time.  Now that I have started to  take more social media classes, I have begun to realize that twitter is more than I gave it credit for.  There are many businesses and organizations that use twitter to get out important information.  If you “follow” a particular organization, you could receive updates about upcoming events or anything that the organization feels is important for you to know.  I am majoring in public relations and I have come to find out that there are mulitple PR agencies on Twitter. This makes it convenient for anyone that might be interested in pursuing a career in public relations to get involved with that agency and receive constant updates about what is going on within their company. 

I have just recently made a Twitter account for myself.  I currently am following 102 people.  However, the majority of them are celebritites that I am interested in, whether  from my favorite musicians to actors from my favorite tv shows.  I am constantly up to date with when a new album is coming out or when a new episode is going to air.   My favorite tv show, as of right now, is Vampire Diaries.  I follow the main characters from the show on Twitter, and I think that it is so cool to be able to communicate with certain celebrities that you are interested in.  Twitter is also a good way to keep in touch with old friends.  It allows you to keep in check with what is going on in your friends “busy” lives, without having to send a text message.  Also, the privacy aspect of Twitter is more effective, in my opinion, than Facebook. I am able to pick and choose who I want following me and who can view my tweets. Twitter has definitely grown on me, and I recommend it to everyone!

For more information on Twitter and the advantages it has, check out the following links:





About taylorjones

My name is Taylor Jones. I am 20 years old and I play tennis at Georgia Southern University. I am a junior and I have played this sport almost my entire life. I first picked up a racket when I was just three years old and I have been playing ever since. Tennis is my passion. I am very competitive and hard working, especially during a match. I will fight every single point, even if I am down 6-0, 5-0. I am a public relations major. Sports are my life, so I hoping that when I graduate, I will pursue a career dealing with sports.

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