Persuasion.. Stand up to fight cancer!


According to persuasion is to prevail on (a person) to do something, as by advising or urging.  The video above is a good example of how effective persuasion can be. In the beginning of the video it mentions that in 2010 cancer was the leading cause of death in the world. The purpose of this youtube video is to persuade the targeted audience to get involved with the fight against cancer. Stand Up 2 Cancer is a very popular campaign, helping to evoke people to get involved in fighting this terminal disease. There are a series of other videos relating to this campaign. One of the videos has different celebrities, such as Zac Efron and Dakota Fanning; it talks about how we can change the odds of the future.

This particular video gives statistics throughout the whole thing. It even gives the exact odds of getting cancer for both males and females.  Showing the stats lets the audience know that sufficient research has been done in this study. Also, there are different doctors and scientists that are being interviewed, which gives this video credibility.


I’m standing up to fight cancer, because there have been members of my family that have been killed from a cancerous disease. I want to do ALL I can do to make sure that it will not effect my life and the life of my family in the future.  is asking you to change the way we view cancer and take a stand to better the odds in our future. You can do this by donating to the organization online.

For more information about this organization you can visit the follwing websites:


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My name is Taylor Jones. I am 20 years old and I play tennis at Georgia Southern University. I am a junior and I have played this sport almost my entire life. I first picked up a racket when I was just three years old and I have been playing ever since. Tennis is my passion. I am very competitive and hard working, especially during a match. I will fight every single point, even if I am down 6-0, 5-0. I am a public relations major. Sports are my life, so I hoping that when I graduate, I will pursue a career dealing with sports.

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