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I decided to put all of my student blog comments all in one post so it would save the confusion. Here they are!

Blog post 1: Keep Calm and Blog On by Michelle Brown

Blog post 2: Intro to Public Relations-Good for Non-PR Majors? by Kayla Tokars

Blog post 3: Why do I use Facebook? by Sydney Brown

Blog post 4: Write a Blog Post Making an Analogy Between Public Relations and Something You’re Interested in (e.g. Traveling, Sports, Decorating, etc.) by Virginia Stieghan

Blog post 5: Myths & Preconceptions about Public Relations by Lindsey Griffith

Blog post 6: My Take on Blogging by Caitlin McIntosh

Well there you have it! Can’t believe this is my last post for the semester! ūüė¶


Teacher blog comments


Mrs. Andrews I thought this might help you when you tried to grade my comments. These are the three topics that I commented on your blog!

Shall I continue my blogging experience? I say YES!


Task: What have you enjoyed, or not, about your blogging experience this semester? Do you anticipate regularly updating your blog for non-class purposes after this semester? Why or why not?

Before this class I have never blogged before in my life. This was a brand new experience for me. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little nervous about blogging prior to this class, but ever since I have gotten started I have greatly enjoyed it. I love how you can write about anything you want with no limitations. At the beginning I didn’t think blogging was important, because who would care about what I have to say. Now I have people following my blog and have had several comments on my topics.

I now feel that blogging is an effective tool, especially being a PR major. I will continue to blog about issues and topics that are interesting to me, and hopefully one day it will be useful in my career.  Thank you Mrs. Andrews for getting me hooked on blogging, I am so thankful that through this class I have been introduced to such an exciting media tool. This will not be my last blog post, I will definitely continue to update my blog, and I hope that my followers will continue to comment.  My blogging experience in PRCA 2330 has been a good one, and not near as stressful as I had originally anticipated.

my blog:

PRCA 2330.. beneficial?


Task: Provide an argument as to why it is/or is not beneficial for a non-public relations major to complete an introductory level public relations course.

I believe that an introductory level public relations course would be beneficial to almost anyone, even to someone who is not a public relations major.  However, it depends on the major you are looking into.  I am a PR major, so this course was a requirement for me. Anyone who is majoring in anything relating to communication studies such as journalism would benefit greatly from taking this course, because we learn how to relay important information to the public which would come in handy if you are looking to be a journalist. Also, business majors would benefit from an intro to PR course. In class we talk a lot about marketing and advertising and any business man or woman can use this knowledge in their future career.  I have learned a lot of useful information so far in my introductory PR class and I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who is looking for an extra elective, whether it is a requirement for them or not. However, someone who is not in the business or communication department might not benefit as much compared to someone who is. For example, my roommate is an exercise science major, so she would not get a whole lot out of this class as I would. But all in all, PRCA 2230 is a helpful and important course. I have learned so many things that will help me in my future career as a PR professional.

For more information regarding public relations and on registering for this course next semester and the times that it is offered please click the following links:

Twitter… Is it a waste of time or a useful social media site?


When Twitter first came out, I was not quite sure what all the hype was about.¬† It looked confusing and was very difficult to comprehend.¬† A friend of mine got a twitter and I remember looking at her site thinking what was with all the # signs.¬† It frazzled my brain.¬† I thought it was people posting a bunch of random thoughts and was a¬† huge waste of time.¬† Now that I have started to¬† take more social media classes, I have begun to realize that twitter is more than I gave it credit for.¬† There are many businesses and organizations that use twitter to get out important information.¬† If you “follow” a particular organization, you could receive updates about upcoming events or anything that the organization feels is important for you to know.¬† I am majoring in public relations and I have come to find out that there are mulitple PR agencies on Twitter. This makes it convenient for anyone that might be interested in pursuing a career in public relations to get involved with that agency and receive constant updates about what is going on within their company.¬†

I have just recently made a Twitter account for myself.¬† I currently am following 102 people.¬† However, the majority of them are celebritites that I am interested in, whether¬†¬†from my favorite musicians to actors from my favorite¬†tv shows.¬† I am constantly up to date with when a new album is coming out or when a new episode is going to air.¬†¬† My favorite tv show, as of right now, is Vampire Diaries.¬† I follow the main characters from the show on Twitter, and I think that it is so cool to be able to communicate with certain celebrities that you are interested in.¬† Twitter is also a good way to keep in touch with old friends.¬† It allows you to keep in check with what is going on in your friends “busy” lives, without having to send a text message.¬† Also, the privacy aspect of Twitter is more effective, in my opinion, than Facebook. I am able to pick and choose who I want following me and who can view my tweets. Twitter has definitely grown on me, and I recommend it to everyone!

For more information on Twitter and the advantages it has, check out the following links:




Persuasion.. Stand up to fight cancer!


According to persuasion is to prevail on (a person) to do something, as by advising or urging.  The video above is a good example of how effective persuasion can be. In the beginning of the video it mentions that in 2010 cancer was the leading cause of death in the world. The purpose of this youtube video is to persuade the targeted audience to get involved with the fight against cancer. Stand Up 2 Cancer is a very popular campaign, helping to evoke people to get involved in fighting this terminal disease. There are a series of other videos relating to this campaign. One of the videos has different celebrities, such as Zac Efron and Dakota Fanning; it talks about how we can change the odds of the future.

This particular video gives statistics throughout the whole thing. It even gives the exact odds of getting cancer for both males and females.  Showing the stats lets the audience know that sufficient research has been done in this study. Also, there are different doctors and scientists that are being interviewed, which gives this video credibility.


I’m standing up¬†to fight cancer, because there have been members of my family that have been killed from a cancerous disease. I want to do¬†ALL I can do to make sure that it will not effect my life and the life of my family in the future.¬†¬†is asking you to change the way we view cancer and take a stand to better the odds in our future. You can do this by donating to the organization online.

For more information about this organization you can visit the follwing websites:

Is 2012 gonna be the end of the world?


I am assuming that most everyone has heard about 2012 being the end of the world. I wanted to research this topic, because I find it to be intriguing also somewhat horrifying.

The ancient Maya prophets foretold an earth-shattering happening to occur December 21, 2012. This predicted phenomenon gets described in contradictory but often cataclysmic fashion–as an ecological collapse, a sunspot storm, a rare cosmic conjunction of the earth, sun, and the galactic center, a new and awesome stage of our evolution, and even a sudden reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field which will erase all our computer drives. In sum, the world as we know it will suddenly come to a screeching halt. Pretty scary right?

These predictions are alleged to be prophecies by so-called “Ancient Mayans” whose “astronomically precise” calendar supposedly terminates on that date. According to such accounts, these mysterious Maya geniuses appeared suddenly, built an extraordinary civilization, designed in it clues for us, and then suddenly, inexplicably, vanished, as if they had completed their terrestrial mission.

Hollywood came out with a movie over this debated argument. The movie 2012, starring John Cusack, was released in 2009. The plot follows Jackson Curtis, John Cusack, as he attempts to bring his children, Noah and Lilly (Liam James and Morgan Lily respectively), ex-wife Kate Curtis (Amanda Peet) and her boyfriend, Gordon Silberman (Thomas McCarthy) to refuge and attempt to escape the heightened change in the elements. The film includes references to Mayanism, and the 2012 phenomenon in its portrayal of cataclysmic events unfolding in the year 2012.

Like I said, to me, this is a very scary topic, but it is one that is debated every single day. And until that day has come and gone, I am sure that there will be many people living in fear because of it.

For more information over this topic please see the links below: